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11 Awesome Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software To Skyrocket Sales

Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Programs

To make affiliate marketing and tracking easy for you, we have put together a list of some of the best affiliate marketing tracking software programs out there. 

  • FirstPromoter
  • Everflow
  • Post Affiliate Pro
  • Cake
  • Voluum
  • AffiliateWP
  • Hit Path
  • LinkTrust
  • AffTrack
  • Tune
  • Click Inc

1. FirstPromoter

FirstPromoter: Affiliate marketing tracking software

Affiliate tracking especially for Saas companies, FirstPromoter is the first one our list. An all-in-one software, Firstpromoter allows SaaS companies to track, manage, and optimize any type of referral-based marketing programs easily.

Affiliates can easily see their stats and share the referral link from their private dashboard while companies can reward both affiliates as well as their friends for signing up. It asl supports a one-click payout option using which companies can pay all their affiliates in one go.

Firspromoter is highly flexible as it allows businesses to have different affiliates for different marketing campaigns as well as different commissions/rewards structure, messaging(emails), links and signup pages

Key Features:

  • Create private campaigns to invite specific affiliates
  • Set percentage or fixed commissions
  • One-click automated payouts

2. Everflow

Everflow : Affiliate marketing tracking software

Starting with one of our personal favorites, Everflow is a great affiliate tracking software program with a neat UI.

Build for marketers, Everflow provides you with an all-in-one platform for managing your affiliates, influencers, and strategic partnerships.

Built on Google Cloud platform, Everflow provides you with real-time access to all of your data for marketing decisions, comparisons, and deeper analysis.

The analytics reports allow you to choose any metric, such as a campaign, see a breakdown of partners run it, and then breakdown the performance for that selected campaign and partner by their placements, cities, country, etc.

All this data is crucial for making informed decisions and grow your business effectively.

Key Features: 

  • Live data in the form of graphs and reports
  • Advanced notification system
  • Advanced media buying tools

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3. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro : Affiliate marketing tracking software

Used by over 2,700 companies globally, Post Affiliates Pro is a recognized face in the affiliate marketing tracking software space.

Packed with numerous tracking methods like browser cookie tracking flash cookie tracking, IP address tracking and more, Post Affiliate Pro is one of the most accurate affiliate tracking software on the market currently.

With even the lowest-cost version of Post Affiliate Pro, you can run and track an unlimited number of campaigns for your shop or website, linking to more than 170 CMS as well as payment gateways.

Commission types offered by the platform include action commissions, recurring commissions, lifetime commissions, split commissions, performance rewards, and more.

Key Features: 

  • Mass payments
  • Multilingual support
  • Customizable interface


Cake : Affiliate marketing tracking software

CAKE is another affiliate marketing tracking solution to measure, manage and optimize partner campaigns for the highest performance.

Trusted by more than 500 advertisers, networks and publishers across 50+ countries, CAKE ensures accurate measurement, data security, and great customer support.

Apart from providing real-time analytics, CAKE leverages custom targeting parameters such as location, device, browser, traffic caps and redirects for real-time monetization of traffic.

One look at the dashboard can sow your network’s overall performance and manage contacts using granular data points for correct attribution.

Key Features:

  • Pixel management
  • Fraud protection
  • Real-time metrics

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5. Voluum

Voluum : Affiliate marketing tracking software

A one-stop-shop for all your marketing activities, Voluum allows you to track different ad formats and all traffic sources.

Track all your advertising campaigns, analyze data for actionable insights, optimize ad performance, and scale your affiliate marketing business all from a single dashboard!

With a simple to use interface and ton of exciting features, Voluum is certainly one of the best bang-for-buck tools on this list.

Key Features: 

  • Automatic Campaign Optimization
  • Push notification alerts
  • Listicle tracking

6. AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP : Affiliate marketing tracking software

If you’re using WordPress to run your e-commerce website or brand, you should definitely take a good look at AffiliateWP.

AffiliateWP is an easy-to-use, reliable WordPress plugin that gives you the affiliate marketing tools you need to grow your business effectively.

Since AffiliateWP is a WordPress plugin, your affiliate program will be up and running in minutes.

Simply install and activate and you’re ready to go! AffiliateWP integrates fully with popular WordPress eCommerce (wooCommerce) and membership plugins, making it easy to track affiliates and sales.

Key Feature

  • Easy setup
  • Affiliate coupon tracking
  • Integrations

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7. HitPath

HitPath : Affiliate marketing tracking software

A multichannel tracking platform, HitPath allows clients to properly attribute the various touchpoints of their marketing efforts and evaluate customer engagements.

HitPath is available for affiliate networks, advertisers, and agencies, with every dashboard catering to the needs of the specific user and reporting accordingly.

With features like campaign management, communication tools, accounting tools, affiliate management, and more, HitPath is a comprehensive affiliate marketing tracking software platform.

Key Features: 

  • Real-time campaign tracking,
  • Pixel management
  • Accounting module

8. Linktrust

Linktrust : Affiliate marketing tracking software

LinkTrust empowers advertisers, ad networks, retailers and marketing agencies to accurately and easily manage, track and attribute performance marketing campaigns.

Claiming to be the “most accurate affiliate marketing tracking platform”, LinkTrust has been in the business since 2002.

Whether you’re an ad network, advertiser or an agency, LinkTrust allows you to track essentially any type of advertising online and offline – pixels, cookies, CPA, CPC, mobile traffic and more.

Key Features

  • Mobile Tracking
  • AutoPay Payment Automation
  • LinkTrust Remote Traffic Agent

9. AffTrack

Afftrack : Affiliate marketing tracking software

Used by numerous big affiliate networks since 2009, Afftrack is one of the only enterprise affiliate marketing platforms that offers unlimited clicks.

Apart from the usual tracking and reporting features, Afftrack has the ability to connect through API integrations or use your portal for reporting.

Its prominent features include proxy and fraud detection, real-time analytics, brandable interfaces, postback and redirect Logs, geo, and device targeting, client-side and cookieless tracking and more!

Key Features: 

  • Quick support
  • API access
  • Offer targeting

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10. Tune

Tune : Affiliate marketing tracking software

Previously known as HasOffers, Tune is one of the most flexible SaaS platforms for managing marketing partnerships across mobile and web.

With over 12,000 customers including brands like GetApp, Baidu, and AppLift, Tune has all the features you need to run a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Easy-to-use payout rules, proactive fraud prevention, and marketing performance automation tools help streamline workflows and reduce repetitive manual tasks.

All in all, Tune acts as a central repository for all your marketing efforts as it brings together all of your marketing partners, networks, channels, and campaigns in one place.

Key Features: 

  • Cookieless postback tracking
  • Event logging
  • API-driven data sharing

11. ClickInc

ClickInc : Affiliate marketing tracking software

Apart from the regular link tracking and fraud prevention features, what makes Click Inc a worthy mention on this list is its Trulink feature.

TruLink tracks everything from your affiliate’s registered URL and also improves your SEO ranking!

It increases your search engine ranking (Google) based on links from affiliates as it will directly link to your sales page rather than using a coded link.

It’s an easy-to-customize interface and a WYSIWYG editor for emailing/messaging affiliates makes it one of the simplest affiliate marketing tracking platforms out there.

Key Features: 

  • Performance Affiliates Group
  • Fraud Detection
  • Create coupons and marketing banners

Affiliate marketing tracking software infographic

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